Booster Assembly

Excelsis offers a range of Hydraulic Booster Compressors with flow requirements of 250/450/600 SCMH to cater to different needs. These compressors are designed to deliver high performance, Low Power Consumption, The Lowest Possible Downtime, and the Highest Level of Safety.

Excelsis Booster compressors have a low OPEX as they require minimal maintenance and guarantee the required flow deliveries. With Excelsis Booster compressors, customers can expect reliable and efficient operation at all times, making them an ideal choice for various applications. Choose Excelsis Hydraulic Booster Compressors for a hassle-free, high- performance compressed air solution.

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Daughter (Booster) CNG Station

Natural gas compressed by a Booster Compressor in theabsence of a natural gas grid system, stored in a mobile cascade, and dispensed by dispensers is called a Daughter Booster CNG Station.

Technical Specification

  • Suction Pressure: 30 - 250 bar
  • Discharge Pressure: 250 bar
  • Cooling: Water cooling
  • Average Flow Rates: 450 | 650 SCMH
  • Drive -Motor: 22 | 37 KW (Flame Proof)
  • Priority Panel: 3 lines (as per customer requirement)
  • Discharge Flow Meter: Available
  • Suction Filter: Optional
  • Canopy Structure: Sustainable to carry weight of 8T (3k WL cascade)
  • Cascade Mounting Provision on Top: With & without cascade mounting (as per customer requirement)
  • Suction Flow Meter: Optional
  • UPS: Optional
  • LCV fill-post/Trailer Panel: Optional

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